For Sale for Best Offer


The Lowest VIN # 1966 Datsun 1600 Roadster in existence


VIN# SPL311-00010

Engine #00308



** The domain and website are also included with this car, in case the buyer wants to use this site to share the progress of the restoration.




My name is Jake Jones. I bought this car many years ago. I planned on building a dip tank, to strip it by electrolysis, using Arm and Hammer Washing Soda and electricity. I drove this car for a short while, before dismantling it to restore it. It has a clean and clear title. Unfortunately, shortly after I took the car apart to restore it, we decided to move and now I have no time for it. It has been squirreled away in storage until recently. I have it all ready for pick up, mostly boxed up, and ready to go. I am including many extra parts with the car. I know I could sell these extra parts individually, but I would rather just sell the entire lot to one person. It comes on a welded rolling frame for the body shop. I work from my home office, so I am available most hours, to do a LIVE webinar Q&A. Just go to during the daytime and I can walk you through the parts and details LIVE (serious buyers only). I respond best to calls or texts at 1-707-666-3528. 


I highly recommend that the buyer plan to visit Mike Young at Datsun Sports, when they come to get this car.  I live about 20 minutes away from his place and he is the best source in the U.S. for roadster parts and knowledge. I also highly recommend Jon Frampton at Global Tech Instruments. He is the best Datsun Roadster instrument gauge restorer in the U.S. You can find both their contact information at the bottom of this site. I am including several extra gauges, along with the factory original set. You will have doubles of every gauge except the odometer and tach. The gauges can be installed and used as-is, or restored. If you have them restored, I believe that having another set in fair condition, might help with the process, or you can just sell them off.






P.S. I do not have any pictures of the car prior to our move. I lost a ton of data that I had on an external storage drive that got ruined during our move.


HD Version of Video – Click Here






Link to Picture Album



Parts needed to complete the car:




(contact Mike @ Datsun Sports)


4 Main Wheels and Tires


Windshield Glass


Exhaust pipe and muffler from exhaust manifold back.


All interior panels need remade, but I have all the original coverings for all the interior parts, to use as patterns.






Extra Parts in addition to the car’s original parts:


Complete Disassembled 5-main bearing engine block, crank, cam, lifters, pistons with connecting rods attached, oil pan, aluminum head, valve cover, flywheel, etc etc (just needs cleaned, painted and reassembled)


Performance Exhaust Headers for iron head 1600


** Complete Set of Extra 1966 Instrument Gauges **


Steering Wheel


Wing Window Glass both sides.


Alternator Bracket


Extra Alternator


Extra Distributor


Coolant Overflow Tank


Drive Shaft


Rear Axle







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Jon Frampton:






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